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Experience the disorienting effects of intense crashes as your character momentarily loses their sense of direction and vision. Feel the adrenaline rush as the screen distorts, reflecting the impact's disorienting nature.

  • Flash, chromatic aberration/blur & camera shake on impact
  • Amount & duration calculated based on force of impact

  • Sometimes, collisions not detected
  • Mods that use timecycles may conflict with the script

  • 1.0

  • 1.1
    - Improved collision detection consistency

  • 1.2
    - Improved consistency
    - Raised effect threshold
    - Smoother transitions between effects
    - Added the option to configure the type of the camera shake through CollisionFX.ini
    - Added the option to restrict the effect outside of first person view through CollisionFX.ini

  • 1.3
    -Added the ability to tweak effect threshold via ini file to your liking
    -Added the ability to tweak the screen flash effect made for minor collisions and the main effect separately
    -Added the option to choose between chromatic aberration and blur
    -Rewrote some parts of the code, detection is slightly improved

  • 1.4
    -Added the ability to disable quick flash via .ini
    -Added the ability to use two effects simultaneously (may conflict with mods that use timecycle), configurable via .ini

  • ASI Loader
  • Script Hook V
  • Community Script Hook V .NET 3.1.0

  • Extract both files into your scripts folder

    Source code:
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