FXI - FX Vehicle Installer v0_2.1

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Hi! This is my latest program I developed to ease up on installing vehicle mods (addons/replacements) to any (home-hosted primarily) FiveM server.

If your paths do not match up with FXI's paths, change the words within the "[]" brackets (square brackets)

v0_2.2 >
  • Updated resource manifest to latest version
  • Updated the installation method for replacements
  • Removed Skype credits (I no longer use Skype)
  • Updated Discord credits
  • Changelog in download uses HTML for cleaner look

  • v0_2.1 >
  • Added "clear" labels above the listboxes (meta and vehicle) for easier removal of files.
  • Added "Open FX Folder" in the "Options" context menu for easier opening of the FX base folder.
  • Cleaned up the unnecessary addon examples left in FXV_Addons. Folder size reduced to ~750 KB.

  • Credits
    Remexy64 - Main developer, creator
    Teddy - Initial software tester
    Discord Members - Suggestions

    Discord Server - Click here
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