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Basically cops remember you and your cars when recognized during chases

How does it work
To make cops remember your face or car they have to see you for couple of secs (depends on distance, your wanted, weather, and many things), and then call LSPD, you can kill them so you dont get warrant ofc.

To prevent cops from recognizing your face you can wear mask. However, wearing mask in the middle of city isn't really nice for other people and can make you get arrested.

When cops see you walking on the street or driving your car when there is arrest warrant on you they might approach and start to ask some questions which will result in a police chase.

To loose arrest warrant from Mikey/Frank/Trev you have to change your clothes or bribe them using phone booths (dying also makes you loose arrest warrant).

Loosing arrest warrant for you cars requires you to change its paint in LCS... Or you can just buy fake license plates and change them anywhere.

Wanted cars and player clothes are saved to file each time game autosaves or player saves the game.

-WantedRandomVehs when true might give warrant to player car, working on it
Played a lot with this mod and I didn't encounter anything serious, in case of crash type Reload() in console.

To be done
-I would love to create options menu in game but I dont get NativeUI :(((
-Add more license plates buy locations
-Phone booths anims

Unzip WarrantsV.net.zip and then just put WarrantV.net.dll into your GTA V scripts folder.
After first launch Okoniewitz/WarrantsV folder should appear in your scripts folder. Config file should be there.

-Not bad PC, this mod will probably lower your FPS
-Scripthook .NET
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