Wanted Level Manager 0.4

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This mod allows you to manage your wanted level with the press of a button. Simple as that.

- Gain and lose wanted levels shortcuts
- 5 star wanted level shortcut
- Quick reset any wanted level shortcut
- Never wanted mode
- Freeze current wanted level
- Set a max wanted level

- ScriptHookV (latest version)
- ScriptHookVDotNet (latest version)
- NativeUI (latest version)

- Make sure you have the latest version of NativeUI, ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet installed
- Copy WantedLevelManager.dll and WantedLevelManager.ini inside the scripts folder of your GTA5 directory. If you do not have a scripts folder yet, just create one.
- Config your prefered keys in the .ini file.
- Wanted Level Manager loads automatically once your game starts.

- Press / (divide) to load the main menu. There you can manage Never Wanted Mode, Freeze current wanted level and Set max wanted level.
- Press * (multiply) to quick reset your wanted level.
- Press + (Add) to gain a wanted level (only if Never Wanted Mode is disabled).
- Press - (Subtract) to lose a wanted level (only if Never Wanted Mode is disabled).
- Press 5 (NumPad5) to gain 5 stars (could be lower if you set a max wanted level).

Change the controls
You can change the keybindings in the WantedLevelManager.ini file. Replace the current set keybind to a key of your choise.

Known bugs
- None at the moment.

If you encounter bugs or have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

This mod was made by Smoka.

- Added 5 star wanted level shortcut
- Added function to turn subtitles on/off

- Added a menu
- Added Freeze wanted level function
- Added Set max wanted level function
- General code improvement

- Added Never Wanted Mode
- Added function to gain or lose wanted levels
- Changed keybindings

- The launch of Wanted Level Manager
- Features:
- Reset your wanted level
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