Stealing Cars 1.5

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Description: (Mission Mod)

You have to steal a vehicle and deliver it to get money.
First, Get a new contract and go to the "signal" icon to detect the target vehicle. Then, find the vehicle and steal it. Finally, drive the stolen vehicle at the delivery point. If mission is reached, you will receive a reward from $10000 - $80000 (Depending on the vehicle class)


- ScriptHookV

- ScriptHookVDotNet

How to install:

1 - Extract "StealingCars.dll" and "StealingCars.ini"
2 - If the "scripts" folder doesn't exist in your main GTAV directory, create it.
3 - Place "StealingCars.dll" and "StealingCars.ini" in the "scripts" folder.

All informations in "Read Me.txt" file
If you encounter problems, please report it to me

Gamepad Supported

You can choose your language in the .ini file
Languages available : English - French


Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/highj4ck
Discord : https://discord.gg/CbSEwDCtX8

Thanks to Alexander Blade, crosire, jedijosh920 and the GTA community


Version 1.0 : Initial

Version 1.1 :

- Some issues

- Possibility to hack a parked vehicle before steal it.

Version 1.2 :

- Some issues

- Repair cost when you deliver the vehicle
- Vehicle condition bar displayed on screen

- Delivery point has changed location
- Vehicle class

Version 1.3 :

- Vehicle name displayed

- You work now for a client
- Client type (Normal, Vip, Legendary)
- DLC's vehicles have been added
- Choice language into .ini file (EN/FR)

- Reward according to the vehicle class

Version 1.4 :

- Blip displayed on map
- Reward when the vehicle is delivered

- Vehicle value is now displayed on screen
- Default bar position can be changed into the .ini file
- Toggle bar by keypress
- NPC driving style
- New clients have been added (including a new Vip)
- Customizable Reward from .ini file ($1000 Minimun)

- Bar displayed on screen
- Notification

Version 1.5 :

- Blip displayed on map
- Vehicle detection
- Performance and stability

- New drop locations
- New clients have been added (including a new Vip)
- Off-Road vehicle class
- NPC's are sometimes weaponized
- Classic Mode (Ambient vehicles only)

- Vehicle list updated
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