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This is marked obsolete, but all its parts still work fine.

I haven't seen this one around so I figured I'd add it. It came out a couple days before https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/big-map, but is inferior in terms of features at this time (14 MAR 2016), although the experimental files may be of some interest. As it is, I recommend that lexo1995's mod be used in lieu of this one, although note that both of the experimental files may be used together or separately with lexo's mod to create new effects.

The basic version locks your map: This simple script (to be dropped in your 'scripts' folder) gives you an online-style SP map showing the whole game world all zoomed out. Useless, right?

The experimental files (1_01a) have a readme inside the zip which toggles your map according to your move-state: if you walk or hold still on foot, your map will be normal but it will snap to the Online giant map if you run or sprint.

1_01b should probably belong to my You Know Nothing Mod: sprinting disables your radar. Give them both a try; in fact, they are not incompatible if you want to mash 1_01a and _b together. And anyone who wants to help me clean up my code is welcome to.

Upcoming (1_02:
Add toggle between multiple map types at the push of a key as per Eddlm's suggestion (NOTE: this is currently used in the excellent https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/big-map, not by me)
two other options-- walking or driving brings up/replaces the bigger map with your regular map, or bringing up your phone gives your normal map back. Will simulate looking at/memorizing your GPS. I think I'll add transparency/fade to ease the shock on the eye, and should shrink the size of the zoomed out minimap to match the small 'normal' minimap.

As always, this is a paltry effort and barely worth the space on a server, but perhaps your grace shall find it useful
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