Six stars army 0.3

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The six stars army v0.3

-Random models and weapons for each soldier, now any marine model can spawn in any vehicle with any weapon.
-Added the "limo2" (Armored limo) in the armored cars variant

-New and better "Wanted points" system. They appear in the screen and when you reach 1000 wanted points the army will come for you.
-Fixed bug that the "before wanted points" increased repeatedly doing nothing.

-Aparentlly it has fixed the bugs in v0.2
-New variant, armored vehicles, the army can spawn in armored kurumas, xls, dukes, etc.

-Version 0.2 has some troubles that sometimes (and i tested well today, so it is almost allways), the sixth star does not spawn and the script crashes. So I included the previous version in the .rar until i find a fix. I am going to try fixing it in the weekend.

CHANGELOG v0.2(unstable)
-Partially fixed the "spawn if front" bug, it means that the army vehicles spawn with less frequency in front of the player
-Rhino(tank) and APC (IVpack only) added. If you do not own IVpack use the army(no ivpack).vb

This script spawns army vehicles when you have 5 stars and have commited more crimes, something like a six stars wanted level. The sixth star is not equal as the others, it is a bit smaller. I couldn t fix that. You can edit the vehicles and weapons in the source code of the script

HOW TO INSTALL: 1-Put army.vb and "army" folder into the scripts folder. Remember that requires scripthookVdotnet, there are three variants of this mod, the IVpack compatible(the APC spawns), the "no ivpack"(for those that do not own ivpack), and the armored cars version(in this one the army uses army cars like crusaders and barracks, and also, armored vehicles like kurumas, schafters, etc)

2-(Optional) Put vehicles.meta in update.rpf/dlc_patch/mpheist/common/data/levels (Replace the existing one, suggest to make a backup). This is for preventing the military vehicles(Barracks 3 and insurgent) from spawning in regular traffic with civilians during the military pursuits.

¿How can I modify the difficulty to reach the sixth star?

Search for this line: "If crimes > 1000" Then // and change the 1000 to another number, higher numbers, higher difficulty.
You can also decrease the lines crimes += 5 , crimes += 10 or crimes += 2 to increase the difficulty.

¿Military cars spawn with fast\slow frequency?

Change "Me.Interval=10000" increase the number to make them spawn slowly or if you want tons of military cars, lower it.

¿Sometimes vehicles spawn in front of me?

That is a bug that I have to fix, any help is welcome, however it was partially fixed in v0.2.

NOTE:This mod is free source, so it means that YOU ARE FREE TO MODIFY this script. And I invite to all modders to release the source code of their scripts because it is a way to keep the modding community growing up. I looked a lot to other source codes from other scripts and that helped me a lot. The only condition to modify and upload a modded version of this script is that you release the source code of the modified ones.

Special thanks to: JulioNIB for his scripting tutorials and to everyone that released the source of their scripts. FREE SOURCE 4 LIFE
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