Russian Roulette

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Play the infamous game of chance!

Place RussianRoulette.dll and RussianRoulette.ini into your "scripts" folder. You will need the latest Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook.

J - Start Russian Roulette with Nearest Pedestrian

The controls will vary depending if you are using keyboard/controller, it will show up on the top left of your screen when you play. The start key is customizable in the .ini file.

Includes jedijosh920™ Complex AI
Your opponent will sometimes try to cheat and shoot you or spin the chamber, all thanks to jedijosh920™ Complex AI.

You can play the game of chance (1/6) with nearby pedestrians in the world of GTA V. Upon starting a game, it will conveniently spawn a table and 2 chairs for you and your opponent to sit in. It will randomly select who goes first, and if it's your turn you get to pull the trigger hoping the bullet isn't in the current chamber, try shooting your opponent if you believe the bullet is in there but if isn't you have to go again, or spinning the chamber hopefully postponing your death! If it's your opponent's turn they will most likely just play regularly but at some times will try to shoot you or spin the chamber.

- Initial Release.
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