RazerV - Chroma Lighting (OpenSource) 1.0

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RazerV v1.0

RazerV it's a script that allows to change Your Razer Chroma keyboard lighting when something it's do in GTAV.

Script in version 1.0 can:
- Light Default Walking, Changing Camera, Run, Enter/Exit car key lights (ex. W,A,S,D - Left Shift etc.)
- Light the number keys 1-5, depending on the pursuit level (If we have 4 stars - then we have Highlight keys from 1-4 with red and blue colors.)
- Highlight NumPad keys depending on your health level (ex. 100HP - Green, 70HP - Yellow, 50HP - Orange, 30HP - Red)

If you have some ideas what you wanna see on your Keyboard - tell me in comments.

GitHub OpenSource: If u wanna help - write to me: hesamail656@gmail.com

- Repack all files in .zip to ex. C:/Program Files/Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts

How to use
- Copy Files
- Make sure that you have enabled Synapse 3 Application
- Start GTAV
- That's it!

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