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Ever wish that you could check the pause menu map to maybe set a waypoint while your chauffeur (or someone) drives you around or maybe adjust some settings or interact with some elements of the pause menu while some event happens to be going around or happening in the background, without the game actually pausing/freezing? Well, here you go, the solution that'll allow you to do this!

How it works - by default, with a quick press (and release) of your pause button, your pause menu will open without pausing the game; however, should you decide that you want the game to actually pause this time around in the menu, pressing and holding the pause button for a (1) second will pause the game in the menu like normal.

This script requires ScriptHookV and JM36 Lua Plugin.
Put "PauseMenuGamePauseControl.lua" into your JM36 Lua Plugin "ScriptsDir-Lua/Modules" directory.

- Changed/Improved the internal logic of how "pausing" the game works
- No longer needs to "unpause" to "repause" for full/freeze pause
- Poorly written scripts might have timing related issues (and/aka not work very well) with this version if they fail to check for whether the pause menu is active; use an older/legacy version of this script if this issue affects/impacts you (and let me know about the problematic script as well too).
- Improved and simplified code to be both more readable and more efficient.
- Renamed from "Pause Menu Game Pause Control [.Lua]"
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