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LotteryMod allows players to play most popular lottery cards like scratch, lotto or tower game in GTA V! This mod is a part of my big scale project, LTD Business, which is all related to LTD Gas station in GTA universe.

✦ Playable lottery games in any convenience store.
✦ Chances of winning aim to be balanced with other ingame ways to earn money.
✦ In Lotto, you need to hit total of 6 numbers drawn each ingame day at 18:00.
✦ In Scratch, you have to scratch each square, if you hit line of 3 symbols in any direction, you win the prize corresponding to the symbol type.
✦ In Tower game, you need to hit one of 4 squares right to go up and recieve bigger prize. In any time you can stop and recieve your win or try to go higher.

Open IV
ScriptHookDotNet 3
LemonUI v1.8 or newer

✦ Making tool for creating custom cards of lotto, scratch or tower game.
✦ Adding original SA Lotto games that can be seen in stores.

• Customizing key to play the lottery.

• Added Chinese and Simplified Chinese translation for opening lottery menu.
• Fixed instruction buttons not hiding sometimes after exiting games.
• Fixed bug that allowed to break Tower games by spamming TAB for auto selection.
• Fixed script crash occuring from time to time when playing Lotto just after Tower games
• Fixed Auto select (TAB) to break in Lotto in some scenarios.
- Added LotteryConfig.ini file for custom mod parameters like e.x. changing prize.
- Scratch cards results changed so player now see all of rewards summed up instead of only first one scratched. Also the grand prize looks more unique.
- Player no longer recieves lotto results if no lotto games were played.
- Player should less frequently be able to unintentionally cover.
- Every card now hides quicker at the end of game.
- Fixed a lot of bugs that were reported on discord.
- Few readability tweaks.

If you need help with installation, you have any questions, you found a bug that you want to report, or just want to get more information, feel free to talk with me on my Discord.
I included credits in the file.
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