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With the new GTAO update, Specialized Drift Vehicles were added to the game, including:
- Drift Tampa
- Drift Yosemite
- Euros
- FR36
- Futo GTX
- Jester RR
- Remus
- ZR350

What this mod does, is allows the player to swap between Drift and Normal Models when ever they want, while also carring over all upgrades from the previous version, Player can hit the swap key (default F11) when in a Normal vehicle say the ZR350, the vehicle will instantly swap over to the Drift version of the ZR350, while also carring over all upgrades, player can then hit the swap key (default F11) again, to swap back to the normal model (ZR350) and carry all upgrades back to the normal model, that were applied or carried over from the drift version

1. download and Install scripthookv + Scripthookvdotnet
2. create a scripts folder (named scripts and not Scripts) if you havent got one already
3. drag DriftSwap.dll, DriftSwap.pdb and DriftSwap.ini into scripts
4. drag a Ifruitaddon2 folder and dll into scripts if you dont have it
6. Drag and drop HKHModHelperNew.dll and PDB into scripts, if you have it already make sure that your version is 9.0 or above!
7. Launch game
8. Spawn a normal or drift varient with a trainer, or purchase the vehicle via a mod (like LS Dealerships), Press Swap Key (default f11)
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