Car_KAF (Key Advance Functions) 0.9

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This script brings to you the feature of a remote car key.

****Master Key is [Control] to bring up the car key or interact witht the car****
****To get a car as yours, you to have be inside and then press [Control] to bring the options and press [G]****
****This Script is [reload] resistance, if you car is alive and you reload scripthook, the car stay as yours
-Key Hud(Parking,Locking,Open Trunk,[Blow your car],Distance from your car, model and plate)
-Blinking blip with the position of the car
-Car will have the Manufacturer logo
-Locking, Parking, Hand Brake, Neon Switch.
-Open/Close Trunk, Hood.
-Roll Front Windows.
*I disable Duck to avoid some weir position when player have the key in the hand.

****When Key Out Tap [B], to blow the car****

***Install: Drop in your Script folder.
***Please make sure you have all the usually requeriments updated(NetFramework,ScripthookV,ScripthookVDotNet,Etc).

When you Own a car, the name of that car will be added in a config file, if you want the manufacturer car logo you have to:
1.Go to the config file and change "Default" where is the car name for "The Brand folder name" of the manufacturer.
2.Copy the default folder and change the name for "The Brand folder name" of the manufacturer.
3.See last picture to get a better idea. :D
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