Simple Needs - Hunger and thirst (with Liberty City) 2.0

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About: A mod that add a hunger and thirst system with restaurant coffee shop and liquor store + support for Liberty Rewind mod
Change log:
-V2.0 Added new restaurants and coffe shops, hunger and thirst indicators will only appear when eating/drinking or holding E, all item recover value are increased, increase health loss rate when starving and dehydrating
- Add a hunger and thirst system, you will now need to eat and drink to survive
- As your hunger go down, so will your max health. If your hunger is 0 your health will only be half of your original max health, you will also loose health over time (really fast)
- You will loose health if your thirst is 0 too
- There are restaurants ant coffee shops
- To eat and drink walk to a blip, the menu will appear, use numpad 1 to 3 to pick the item you want
- Make sure you have ScripthookV ScripthookVdotnet installed, install Liberty Rewind if you want the version with Liberty City
- Download Liberty Remix with traffic path link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H0mDEQ1QweA2G4OFLo4LQrgfBM6ps9Tf/view
- Put Need1.cs inside of your script folder
- Choose between two version with or without liberty city and put the Need2.cs inside script folder
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