Autopilot with Landing and Chauffeur

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This mod allows you to:
In Vehicle (Plane/Heli/Car/Bike/Boat/Any)
  • Press Page Up and Autopilot land aircraft while you in the passenger seat.
  • Press Page Up and Autopilot or Chauffeur drive you to the waypoint.
  • Press Page Up and Change to any seat while Autopilot or Chauffeur active

On Foot
  • Aim at the plane and press Page Up it will land on the airstrip closest to you.(Use sniper rifle if target is far away)
  • Aim at the heli and press Page Up it will land next to you.
  • Aim at the land or water vehicle and press Page Up it will drive right to you.

Changes in 1.1:
Fixed driving style to use roads.
Added screen notifications.


Install these if you don't have them.

Script Hook V
OpenIV 4.0

Then, drop this ASI and INI file in your GTA V directory.

The mod control is Page Up.
You can change the controls in the INI file.
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