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A fat bald dude with a bad temper.
I thought it was about time to go back and do some work on this mod. So basically what it does is change Michael to Max Payne. You start out as MP2 Max in the prologue, and as you get to 2013, he turns to MP3 Max. The face textures are straight from MP2 and MP3. (I know Max's MP3 face has bushy eyebrows, but I only added them so he wouldn't look so sad all the time. If it annoys you, put on some shades and he'll look fine.)
This mod also adds some more Max friendly clothing. His default suit is replaced with a more accurate Hawaiian shirt, and cargo pants, and there's much more. If this mod gets enough downloads, I'll add more clothing choices.
Thanks for downloading, enjoy!

Use Open IV to replace the files located in:
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