Lara Croft Tomb Raider Original Full Nude 18+ update clothes hair physics 2.0

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New version. 2.0 w/hair physics, and clothes.
Thanks to mstfa The young lady finally decided to put on some damn clothes lol

Make sure you follow the instructions on the pictures featured. Seeing as how hair physics aren't a part of the Rockstar RAGE engine, it might crash if you change the wrong textures, so don't go around messing with any other layers that's not specified in the pictured instructions.

Lara Croft Original Full Nude 18+

It's pretty simple... It's Lara Croft butt ass naked.

Special thanks to DefaultUser12 for helping me bring this.


Original 3d model can be found here:


This is meant for adults, and seeing as how the GTA series
is for mature audiences only, this should go without saying.

Use the Add-On peds method



Special thanks to TheFriedTurkey for his version of hair physics. This hair model was based on his, and modified.
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