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Been almost 3 years since my OG Doomsday mods, always planned to update them eventually but was never a prioty until alca969 brought me this awesome model, so we put our skills together my rigging and his texturing, making the ultimate doomsady mod for you guys, hence we present to you all Doomday with 4K Textures

This Post Contains:
- Doomsday 4K textures

- 2 version one accurate sized one and one even bigger one
- Jaw Rigging
- 4K Textures
- Realistic Height
- Custom skeleton for Full rigged hands and accurate proportions
- Specular Features
- Bleeding Effects
- Emissive eyes
- Alternate texture options


Use this mod to use PEDS as Add-Ons:

Or Replace any Ped you want just rename the files to whatever ped you want to replace "example:ig_bankman"

any extra models in the photo are from my patreon page or are in a W.I.P stage
My Patreon Page

Follow My instagram for any updates on Different mods ill be creating, or if you want to contact me about any requests.
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