Ballas to Crip Gang Audio Conversion

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I have gone through over 1000+ .wav files probably more like 2000+ and edited hundreds of audio files so that the Ballas (both male/female) will never refer to themselves as "Ballas" and often refer to themselves as "Crips" so that when used with my Ballas to Crips mod there is no immersion breaking


Prev:"Hey don't touch my Balla ride baby"
New: Hey don't touch my ride baby"

Prev "Ballas all day"
New - Brand new sound file: "This is crip nigga"

A lot of brand new files have been added to the audio which couldn't be edited into something proper sounding as per above

This took over 6+ hrs to make and I highly doubt you will find any errors the only thing I have left in terms that have a double meaning e.g "we going to the club, gonna ball out" so don't hang up on that type of stuff :)
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