So I Smoke Right Burnout Mod 5.0

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MOD changes:
Continued work on wet handling
Blood is smaller a bit.

Improvement to overall water and puddles.
Trying for perfect realistic wet handling
Changed sand friction back to Hard friction
lowered thresholds of burnouts and improved friction
More work needs to be done on easier smoke release.
Changes to smoke colors and small increase in sizes available here:

Fixed smoke issues in water.
Some changes to friction in water.
changes to thresholds in wet places.

burnout friction evolution thresholds increased.
Tire grip increased for both dry and wet. *input needed
Blood color adjustment,(lighter)
Blood on dirt not big anymore
Concrete still same values *input needed
Threshold of gettin blood on dirt increased (less likely)

v3.5 added none sand version for those that asked.

v3 (18+)(increased blood and gore)
(progress)continuous tune of drag and friction.
(fixed)glitch where smoke comes from rain puddles.
(fixed)rims dont smoke all the time only on burnout
(dry-day puddles still cool off tires)
(fixed)spawned cars now dirty.
Easier stick of dust/gravel/sand & grass to vehicles.
Mud/dust/grass/blood are Car MAGNETS! Get DIRTY!
Small improvement to rim friction.
Rim(s) wont slide car as much.(spinout now happens at high speeds)(worse in rain)
Intensity of blood increased on tarmac and car.(more blood)
Scrape decals are easier to get on vehicles
Decals:(MUD, DUST, GRASS, BLOOD) all bigger.
Decals overlay eachother more.

small fric & drag tune. (less redlining)
switched tire fx from gravel_fx to sand_fric_fx (more smoke, longer linger)
rims have better friction.(still spinout car)
rims can now BURNOUT!
rims now have cool-off smoke once burst (fx fade upon acceleration/vehicle exit)
(fixed)can now do 2-smoke burnouts in dirt/sand/grass!
sparks are bigger from rims and collisions.
materials scratch easier. (easier sparks)

City Haze
increased tire fric & drag on surfaces.
increase top speed of surfaces.
roads now less slippery. (better grip) (more realistic stick)
roads make vehicle acceleration more realistic.
car wheels smoke without burning out. (added gravel_fx to wheels)(does NOT effect motorcycles)
lowered tire burn temps, but increased friction & drag. (bit longer burnouts)
car gets dirty like old gta. (increased dust, mud, and grass transfer)
peds vehicles smoke & get dirty too like old gta!(newly spawned cars are clean)
burnout causes 2 smokes. (try with different smoke colors!)
can now do 2-smoke burnouts in dirt/sand!
tire grip on wet surface reduced. (rain more dangerous)(painted ground more slippery)
skid marks less black more greyish.
bigger sparks after wheel bursts & after collision with other vehicle.
better chance of getting ped-blood on car.
more blood scraps/splatters while rolling.
Blood on car a bit more red.

Out of my control:
wheels DONT smoke while hard breaking((NEEDS FIX)-due 2 sand_fx)
CANNOT change color of sand_fx on tarmac and concrete.
CANNOT change duration of smoke linger... Just yet.

This mod goes great with the following mods:

ikt's Inversepower mod.

mrchazta's degradable tires mod.

Eddlm's Wheelie mod

& Rollover mod

BUUBURN & ZiPPO RAID's Roadkill mod

icklejitta's Traffic Variety mod
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