Military Response 3.4

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This simple mod seemlessly escalates the wanted response to military action at 5 stars. Both male and female soldiers are dispatched to the fray. Tanks will form roadblocks against players in vehicles, and army helicopters will strafe ground targets.

Check out my Martial Law Addon if you want soldiers to patrol the streets!

*Includes features of my Police Diversity Mod.

Highly recommended:
- Humvee (insurgent replacement) and M1 Abrams (rhino replacement) by SkylineGTRFreak
- M4A1 2.1 by blade125

Change notes:

Version 3.4
- Refinements to textures, model, animation and loadouts.

Version 3.3
- Significant visual improvements for soldiers. Defined soldier loadouts and health/armor. Added army blockade with tanks to stop players in vehicles. Added army helicopter response.

Version 3.2
- Model improvements. Female soldiers received pants more military in appearance, and all wear helmets now. Male soldiers edited to look similar in gear (see second image). You can choose between using the newer models or the previous version, with images provided in the zip file.

Version 3.1
- Fixed error that caused new npc to spawn with wrong voice and unarmed.

Version 3.0 Changes:
- Female soldiers are now added as a new NPC on their own. The Sheriff is restored.
- Male soldiers received a visual improvement, adding armour vests and helmet to some.

Version 2.0 Changes:
- Major modelling improvements for female soldiers. Added armour vest to all and helmet to some. Used better component models of body and head so they are less fat than the sheriff model originally retextured.

Version 1.0 Changes
- Female soldiers added by retexturing the sheriff. Sheriffs replaced by police. The features of my Police Diversity Mod are included by default.

-See readme.txt

Feel free to use this mod as a basis to develop others. Credit me if you do.
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