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This is a Reshade non/RTGI preset collection (six at the moment of posting) for GTA Five. It's designed to not completely revamp the games graphics, just slightly improve them.

There is two main modes:
- Vanilla: Tries to improve apon vanilla graphics.
- Cinematic: Tries to give the game a cinematic vibe.

These both describe what type of preset it is. There are the following types of each mode:
- Normal: The base for Alternate and NoRTGIm
- Alternate: The other choice to Normal.
- NoRTGI: Incase you do not have RTGI.

Each one of these alters the games visuals in a different way.

- Added Recolour and RecolourAndRTGI.
- Reformatted the version naming (V-x.x.x -> vx.xx).
- Added Changelog.txt
- Added Presets.txt

- Reduced bloom and blur
- Modified (Fake)HDR
- Updated RTGI support to

- Official Release

How to install:
Step 1) Install Reshade. If you already have it installed than feel free to skip this step. You can download the latest version from reshade.me, their website. It's best to download the latest one but if you want to use the exact version this was made and tested on, download version 4.9.1.

Step 2) Setting up Reshade. To do this you'll need to run Reshade. Once you have opened it up, select your game. If you can not find it click on 'Browse', go to your game directory and select the exe. For GTA V, it is usually GTA5.exe.

Step 3) Installing the shaders. First, you need to select the Rendering API. This preset only works for DX11, so you will want to select that. Now you need to install the shaders. To do this select all of them - I am unsure of what I used and you will most likely want to change it somewhat so having some room shader -wise is good. Now continue. It will now install those shaders.

Step 4) Download RTGI. RTGI is paid, if you don't want it, don't have it or can't run it skip this step and step 5. If you do not have it you can go to the creator's Patreon (patreon.com/mcflypg) and buy the beta access, which is required. Once you have done that and joined their Discord server (if you account is not connect to your Patreon account, connect it), you should have access to #💾beta-access. If you don't make sure you account is connected and wait a while. If not contact support. Go into #💾beta-access and download '' (the exact version used).

Step 5) Installing RTGI. Now you have installed it, go to your game directory and you should see a 'reshade-shaders' folder. If you go into that, open up the RTGI zip file and drag the contents into there.

- All featured in the Reshade installer, free

- Reshade RTGI, paid
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