DF (DRIVE) ENB + ReShade 1.3

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This are my graphics settings for GTA5 that I use for driving or just taking screenshot of cars... hope you like it! (This mod is not supposed to be realistic)

Before installing it you need to download:

-ReShade V1.1.0 http://www.mediafire.com/file/qzt57592861g1fv/ReShade+1.1.0f1.7z

-ReShade V2.0.3

-ENBSeries for GTA5

-Vision V by Blomst

-VisualV by _CP_ & robi29

Update V1.3
-More contrast.
-Better sharpness.
-Better color balance.
-Better overall performance.
-Less performance cost due to bokeh.
-Redone all the types of bokeh.
-There's not over exposure during the day anymore.
-The mod is now working for ReShade v1.1.0.
-ReShade v1.1.0 optimisation (DoF doesn't work in this version though, but the game will not crash).

Update V1.2
-Now the night doesn't look absolutely dark as before.
-Added tons of optional bokeh types: Circular bokeh, hexagonal bokeh, pentagonal bokeh and squared bokeh. All of this in small/big size.
-You can now disable Depht of Field permanently.
-You can now disable Motion Focus (camera shaking) permanently.
-Motion blur is now much more natural.
-Slightly reduced overall saturation.
-Slightly changed car reflection settings.
-Now the FPS counter doesn't show when you press *.

Update V1.1.1
-Added optional bigger bokeh for the DoF.

Update V1.1
-DoF and motion focus activation buttons swap (Now to disable/enable DoF you have to press END button and to disable/enable motion focus * button.)
-Slightly reduced overall intensity.
-Removed Ambient Occlussion (didn't made any effect at all).
-Changed bokeh.
-Changed ambientlight.
-Changed sharpening method.
-Changed motion focus settings.

-Please before asking anything read the "Read Me.txt".

-Game crashes?
-If you use ReShade v2.0.3, it probably will, but you can make it work, just try, and retry and retry... or start the game in background. Unfortunately I didn't found any solution. Hopefully ReShade (or ENB) future updates will solve this problem...
-If you use ReShade v1.1.0 mod version it won't crash.

-Perfomance cost?
-In vanilla graphics I get 62fps average and with this graphics mod I get 44-50fps average (40-45 with DoF enabled).

-How to disable DoF?
-To disable/enable DoF by pressing END button.

-How to disable that wierd camera effect?
-Disable/enable motion focus by pressing * button.
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