California Roads April Update 0.6 April Sp


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Note: Each Update Has Different Roads example: v0.2 Gray edition has all roads gray
and v0.3 Variety edition has different roads for each era i deleted v0.1 because
it has a lot of problems.

Hi there,
So I Made this roads for personal use but i decided to share for anyone who
might like it california roads Remasteres all the roads with new ones.

I Covered Pretty much the entire city theres only the country side and
parts of the highways that are not done also all the textures are in 1k
quality but theres some that are 2k or 512
and for lods no it doesnt have lods
-For Fivem Version Check Pinned Comment
I have put in a Test Build so you can give me your feedback
so i'll start Converting the Roads From Now on.
1.installation :
2.just drag and drop oiv file into openiv and install to mods folder
3.Note: you have to put your in game and in nvidia or amd control panel
anisotropic filtering to 16x.
4.If Your having any crashes its because of the vegetation
that comes with the roads check pinned comment
that should help you with any crashes.

5.Uninstall :
Just go to dlcpacks and delete cali_roads
April 2024.
-redone all city roads with new white looking ones.
-added higher texture quality from 1024 to 1536.
March 2024.
-redone all roads with new ones.
-removed vegetation on the highway
to paleto bay because some reported that
they had crashes.
1.redone all roads with new ones
2.covered pretty much all the highways.
3.added new red crosswalks.
Variety edition redone all textures with new ones each era with
different roads.
added new crosswalk.
fixed noise on gravel and roads in sandy shores.
covered more eras in the country side.
added new vegetation in holywood and in the highway from los santos to paleto bay
its all been covered.
Added Fivem Version Thanks To Leoncoder.
Redone All Textures With Gray Looking Ones.
Added Fivem Version thanks to leoncoder for the port.
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