Advanced Streetlights Free [Single-Player / FiveM / AltV / RageMP] 1.2

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A Completely Re-Worked experience of the Streetlights. Get a new Look and feel of the game.
Improves the lights from different props like the Traffic Lights, Street Lights, Wall Lights, Old Lamps, etc.
Colors are sampled from different Real-Life lighting conditions (which adds more realism) and games like RDR 2.

7-Zip / Winrar / any other .rar extraction software
OpenIV (for single player only)

Available in 30 Colors including:
7 shades of white
3 shades of orange
2 shades of gold, green, pink and blue

Zero FPS Impact
Zero Flicker
Matching LOD Lights
Yellow tint on bulb texture removed

All Popular Clients Ready,
FiveM (for both server and client)
RageMP (for both server and client)
AltV (for server only)

Compatible with All Popular Graphic mods like NVE, QuantV, VisualV, etc.

Installation instructions
Detailed Instructions are provided in ReadMe files inside the downloaded package.

Note: You can use this mod with/without a ENB. This mod directly changes the values in game files and does not depend on any other mods.

Fixed Tree LOD issues
Fixed a Streetlight variant (prop_streetlight_05_b) having LOD issues near vespucci beach
Fixed streetlights in certain areas not changing color (glowing default yellow)

Completely remade from scratch
Fixed crash due to mpheist (mp hei..) and mpapartment (mp apa..) lod files
Fixed crash during night time gameplay
Reduced mod files and size without removing any features

Initial release of the mod

None. Feel free to report if you find something.


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