Roads of Europe: Definitive Edition - Street Retexture [Add-On / FiveM] New - Singleplayer & FiveM

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You have the urge to drive on proper European Asphalt but don't wanna pay TheBearli a hefty sum to just to play on FiveM?

Fear not! Mine don't just look better but also resemble the Roads of the Glorious German Capital of Berlin!

And that's not all of it... notice the last picture in the Gallery? That's right, it will be soon Released, so make sure to join my Discord for other Epic Projects like these.


Drag and drop the Folder here.

and add dlcpacks:\RoadsOfEurope\ inside the dlclist.xml here.

Drag and drop the Folder here.

Update: Changed Download Links
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Utoljára Feltöltve: 2023. október 20.
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