Lost Santos (Chiliad Island) + Different Scenario Plugin 2.5

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IMPORTANT THING : READ THE PLUGIN PART ! More again if you do video

This map turn Chiliad Top into a Tropical Island, the water have flooded all San Andreas (that you can still visit underwater now ;)

This map is working with two main map file and some optionnal " Plugin " (more to come, feel free to suggest what you would like to see)
>> read everything to understand how to use them ;)

I don't ask for any donation but a like would be nice for the time I spend into mapping ;P

It seems some user are lazy to modif the water, but it's pretty easy and fast so don't be stop by this ^^ (the longer thing is to open OpenIV xD)

- OpenIV (to install the water.xml file)

- A working Map Editor (and his requirments)

-To use my objectlist (from the zip)(it's the extendedobjectlist + 10K list + stunt prop and it's not validated to keep the best Object available)

- To place Gta-UnlockAllobject.asi into your main gta folder ( EXCEPT if you use menyoo then don't use UnlockAllObject.asi, and just start the game normal)

the water is not complicate to install don't worry, maybe first time but then you will find it's easy ;)

To instal water,
Open openIV
- copy your " common.rpf " folder to " mods " folder
- turn edit mode
- Go to !!MODS!!/common.rpf/data/levels/gta5 And delete " water.xml " (only the one inside the common that is into mods folder, don't delete original)
- Drop my " Water.xml " into Mods/common.rpf/data/levels/gta5

>Place " objectlist " into your scripts folder ( mine contain the extendobjectlist object + 10K list non validated + stunt prop) (remove your if that a limited one or keep your if you already got all this / ensure to not validate the " invalid object " cause they are in fact more or less valid)

Map Loading order :
- Load cjw1 (waterfall ~20 objects)
- Load Ls ( Main Map, around 1400 prop)

Important :
- Press Insert (near delete key)
>It will permit you to load/unload the different plugin without have to reload the whole main map !
Then you can go to the island (Mount chiliad Top)


Once on Island :
you can load different plugin for the map (the plugin map name all start by Opt )

- try to load OptMang (~200) (it's the optionnal mangrove near the waterfall) ((if it's too hard for your computer simply press new map if you pressed insert previously)
- You can get some boat by loading the map Opboat (they will spawn at the waterfall top
- OptpedZX ; You can spawn different amount of ped to use with Zombie mod that turn ped into zombie ( I recommend to load the 30 one first and see if that ok for your fps then you can try to load the other / / Tips you can reload the plugin to respawn them) (the number after OptpedZ Is the amount of ped)
- OptWeedF : A Weed Farm
- OptAnimal : An Animal Plugin (spawn around 100 animal over the island)
- OptBF : spawn around 50 hungry and angry BigFoot over the island
-OptCrashHeli : spawn a crashed heli (20 prop)
-OptCrashPlane : spawn a crashed plane (60 prop)
-OptCrashBoat : spawn a beached Boat
-OptMercbase : add a mercenary camp (around 300 object + 30 mercenary)
-OptMerc : Add 30 mercenary over the island ( be carefull )
-OptTeasur : Add 30 treasur over the island ( 50 000$ to 65 000 $)(not recomended to load it with other pickup plugin)
-OptCabinSup : provide few pick up into your cabin/shack (not recomended to load it with treasur plugin)

More Optional Plugin to come (including a rework of the Veg in order anyone can run the map smoothly, vehicle plugin, ped, treasur chest, héli / plane crash etc)

ALSO SUGGEST what you would like to see ;)

Boat Tip to go at the water fall top :
- simply ENTER a WaterFall with a boat at a medium speed
- your boat will get up
-You will access the upper WaterFall pool
- You can ride the waterfall again

The tourist/walker ped are coming from normal gta map, to remove them use any trainer that can disable ped (but also for emp mode, no vehicle etc)

Some bug and fix (oor not) into readme file


Leave a like if you enjoy your travel on Chiliad Island

Changelog :

2.5 : added the treasur quest plugin, a few pickup suply into the shack/cabin, and added few vehicle (blazer and sanchez) to the Mercenary base Plugin

2.0 : Added the mercenary camp and mercenary patrol plugin , redone the screenshot with VisualV and Natural Vision

1.2.7 : Fixed different ground glitch that were back again ;S / Added 3 new crash thing plugin ( A boat / a plane / a heli )
1.2.5 added 3 new plugin (animal, Weed Farm, BigFoot natives) and
CORRECTED some ground glitch collision that were missing

1.2 added 3 plugin that bring some ped for any zombie mod that turn ped into Zombie (no more utility than for Zombie mod) (ex of zombie mod for this : Left4Santos mod)
DONT load the 100 if you've a low config ;P

1.1 quick update that add my " objectlist " in order to make the instal easyer ;)

If you like my maps you could like :
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Aquarium Atlantis
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And some minor other ;)

Credits :
Thank to :
>Guadmaz for his Map Editor
>Gta MultiPlayer team for OSU and all object it bring
>K3nil for 10k list mod
>Mafins for Menyoo
> You if you suggest something ;)
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