Dead Island: Treasure Quest [BETA] 0.2

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Read At least " important part " and instal Part
It's still under building wich explain some bug can be found ;)
Average FPS drop : around 5-30 depending the area and your config
For a better RENDER of the map I recommend to increase the draw distance to 1500-max into your map editor SETTINGS

Resume :
This island hide 8 treasur (look last pict to see what look like the treasur) more or less hided (little cave/ on ground / etc) and more or less hard to get (protected by mercenary / natives / dog / toxic plant)
These treasur contain between 75000 and 300000 dollar and will respawn all 1000 second (say me if that not enough or too much between you can modify the value yourself by opening the map editor mod and selecting the pick up)
You're not alone interested by this treasur, the mercenary and native of this island will not let you get your part so easily be carefull (or use a godmode if you're a pussy ;)

Important :
Know bug :
>Water will be a bit glitched if you don't use any wave modifier (nothing really disturbing)
> The Sand Of the Beach (^^) will not be collisioned perfectly, it's mostly due to the fact that it's not a straight object and that I've got to limit the amount of prop used to be sure to be able to finish the map (max prop limit)
It will result in foot under sand (only beach) and not everywhere on the beach
>the ped can sometime react weird
> it's possible that i forget some collision please post a screenshot of the place it's missing in order to get correction
> you can walk underwater well it's a object spawn bug and its not fixable (well it is but will requir too much object
> sometime the loading process can move object mostly on the right part of the island idk why, I've replaced the rotation, height etc but it change one time on two ;(
> Get a validated objectlist can sometime make some object removed from loading so ensure you get the full list if you miss some object (like sand, etc) simply delete the invalidobjectlsit if you'er not sure (or rename it in an other thing if you want keep it for other map)

Stuff of this island :
>toxic plant (not a lot) / dog (hostil) / (hostil) native / happy mercenary (hostil) / 2 zombie (hostil) / sometime shark can appear on the left side water (right on the first picture)
> more thing to come (feel free to suggest what you would like to see)

1°) Instal Map Editor and remplace the objectlist.ini by expandedobjectlist (to remplace it simply delete the " objectlist.ini " and rename "expanded..list" into " " objectlist "

2°)Add the 10k list addon to your list >
(simply download the file, open it , ctrl + A for select everything > Ctrl + C to copy the selection
Open your new " objectlist " (the expandedone that you just renamed) and go to the bottom, Paste (Ctrl + V) everything from the 10k list mod
> Save

3°) Add the Gta_unlockallobject from the zip into main gta folder

4°) Open Game and go on THE DEL PIERRO PIER
stop a bit before jesus (the guy that talk of his father)
Look second picture for the exact place
> Open map editor mode
> Load
> type " Deadis "
> wait few sec that the map load (it take some time cause it's a pretty big map)
And find the island on the west coast near noose build

5°) Enjoy, be careful if you don't have godmode it's more fun but dangerous ;)
6°) Come back here to give some feedback please ;)

Incoming Updates :
> a more detailled island (till the max prop limit)
> a less detailled island for low config
> more treasur / cave / enemy
> a PEACEFULL version with only animals
> Open to any other suggestion
> I'll lower a bit the difficulty mostly on the bigfoot and his freaky musket ^^

Changelog :
> BETA 0.2 : corrected some missing collision, misplaced object etc
Added 3 more treasur
removed some dog that going mad
Added more trap and enemy
added some vegetation
Added a treasur map into pinned comment to spoil the current treasur location

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Jungle Biome
Aquarium Atlantis
Prison Interior
And some minor other ;)

Credits :
Thank to :
>Guadmaz for his Map Editor
>Gta MultiPlayer team for OSU and all object it bring
>K3nil for 10k list mod
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