Lake Louise [Five M Addon conversion] 1.0

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NOTICE: I am NOT the creator of this map! I 'm just uploading the map conversion as said in DM with KSA01 who did the work.
this is a request.

So, BIG thanks to KSA01 on the FiveM forum, who did and do a LOT of map conversions, so make sure to check out overthere for more conversion!

All the credits to the creation of this map to @ryanm2711 :
link the Original map:

how to install:
-Drag the lakelouise folder into the resource folder of your FX Server folder.
-Edit your server.cfg and add "start lakelouise" to the resource list.

Again, this upload is done with the permission of @ryanm2711 you can see his response on his map page.

If you have any question about the five m side of this map, felle free to ask in the comment, I'll try my best to answer it.

EDIT 06/28/2018: you needd to have the"no boundary limits" script clientside to fully enjoy the map.
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