[MLO] GTA IV Burgershot Interior [Add-On SP / FiveM] v2.0

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I have recently been working on bringing some of GTAIVs interiors over to GTAV. Here is one of them.

Located in Vespucci in the current burgershot building which Rockstar converted straight from GTAIV but never included the interior.

Included is a Single Player DLC and a FiveM Resource so you can use it where you please.

Single Player
Copy this folder into "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks"

Then add the following link to the bottom of your dlclist.xml which is located at "mods/update.rpf/common/data"


Copy this folder into your servers resources folder and add "start burgershot" to your server.cfg and that's all you need to do.

Please do not reupload this anywhere without my prior permission. If you are going to use this in a mod showcase YouTube video please link back to the original mod.

  • Entire lighting redone
  • Added bathrooms
  • Added a walkin freezer
  • Added a staff hallway entrance using the exterior door (Not sure how this will effect the mission that uses this door)
  • Removed unused files
  • Added an interior lod
  • Removed the particle effects from the fryers since it's audio didn't work when not looking at it
  • Some other stuff I probably forgot

  • Restructured dlc.rpf to match more closely to Rockstar DLCs
  • Added an interior minimap thanks to WildBrick142 (https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/WildBrick142)

  • Added a custom timecycmod to make the interior appear more grimey and dirty
  • Added some particle effects such as cockroaches, deep fryers and taps leaking
  • Made the signs inside the restaurant emit light makes the place look way cooler at night
  • Removed unused archetype definitions and models

  • Renamed all the assets to use custom names so it doesn't conflict with other mods
  • Fixed the lighting flickering between rooms and near walls

  • Fixed poly edge count errors on collisions caused by broken OpenIV/GIMS

  • Added the missing hi@ collision so bullets go through the doors
  • Added food/drinks/trays/rubbish around the restaurant
  • Added some replacement doors to the back area so you can get out back and behind the counter

  • Edited the occluder so the outside should never despawn while inside
  • Fixed more benches that fell through the map

  • Fixed interior lighting during the day by making the lights on 24/7 rather than just at night
  • Added some missing props in the FiveM version

  • Defragged SP DLC to reduce file size
  • Fixed benches that fell through the map

Big shoutout to dexyfex for making Codewalker. Also to FiveM for all their work on making easy converting tools. If it wasn't for them these guys none of this would be possible.
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