Franklin's Mansion House [FINAL]

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Gives you new stuff in Garage and a little bit lights outside so u can make car showcase at night and always light in the garage so u can see there is a fuel tank that is nice if u have the mod Simple Fuel inside house u can get better interiors u deside if u want or not


1:first download map editor and my mod

2: first make a script folder if u didnt already

3:Make a Folder Inside the scripts folder called AutoLoadMaps

4:put the Franklin's Mansion House.xml into the AutoLoadMaps folder


if u want HD interiors:

x64h.rpf > levels > gta5 > interiors > v_int_24.rpf and replace v_24_txd.ytd


►1.6 -added a new house on the house
-added some weed trees behind garage
-added more in house
-added really much that u will find out biggest Update

►1.5 -added music
-added more beach girls
-added many green lights
-added a bar
-added some things in top of the house
-added 1 new thing in garage
-added 1 new bodygaurd

►1.4 -added More space
-added some beach girls
-added some millitary blocks and windows
-added 3 Dogs a pug a chop and a husky

►1.3 -added 6 Guards

►1.2 -added New Garage interiors

►1.1 -added ligths at night
-moved the Fuel tank a little bit
-added new stuff in the garage
-added HD Interiors
-added new name
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