Diversifying Trees 1.5

F4c0af screen


V1.5 no trees add, is the same, I simple add a rar whit openallinteriorV4 whit the ini set
" loadmultiplayermap=1 "
You can see the v5 of this mod in this site, if mpmap dosen't work on your mod try simple trainer,it have mpmap option, whitout ,my trees dosen't work, and you have vanilla trees (don't crash never)

To use simple trainer v4 :

My mod NEED MPMAP ON. use simple trainer v4 (v4.1 have little problem for now on mp map) ,on teleporting, other teleport, you need enable mp maps.or if you dont have simple trainer, you need another mod whith mp map option

V1.3 add to all countryside tree model rotation (on 1.2 i have add two model only)

V 1.2 add more and more diversifyng trees to the three models on all map,changing near trees

This is a real map mod, not a map editor file!

In gtaV this three models of trees are put together
in clusters, and the tree "prop_bush_lrg_04b" is too repetitive, this mod, swaps the three models and switches between them on 90% of the map, putting the three different models neighbors and not as in the normal game, which puts them in a row all the same

follow the "locate.jpg" screen in all folders

Edit for the screen:

in this screen you see number 1,2,3. On the game normal, in this location, number 1 & 3 , are the same to 2 . In normal game in this screen you see 2 , 2 ,2

Note. I can not change the highway near zancudo have the model 3(and other little zone) ,the engine search dosen't see it,but the model 2 was the problem and is 100% edit

this is the three normal model,i have move it:
prop_bush_lrg_04b model2 screen
prop_bush_lrg_04c model1 screen
prop_bush_lrg_04d model3 screen
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