Wooden AK-47 Mod for Assault Rifle

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This was the last of the retextures I had after playing around with them so I've decided to upload it.

All the Grand Theft Auto games in the series have always had a wooden style AK-47 to my knowledge, however Gta V changed that and made it an all metal sort of deal. So with this mod, I turned it into how its been before.

Some may notice that I do not upload a S or N converted types of files of the original texture. This is because according to my testing, it makes no
I truly hesitate releasing these types of mods sometimes because many retextures are not creative and follow others paths. However, there surely are very talented and free minded people on this domain, and I do not deny that whatsoever. Additionally, I feel this one is the least like that since it is something I made only for myself at first, so I only had to do whatever I felt was right. I hope that there won't be too many retextures, because they will all be generally the same after a while.

Make backup of your w_ar_assaultrifle.ytd and w_ar_assaultrifle+hi.ytd before starting.
1.Launch OpenIV
2.Navigate to: \update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\weapons.rpf 3.Once there, replace your w_ar_assaultrifle.ytd and w_ar_assaultrifle+hi.ytd with mine. Save.
5. Finish and launch.
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