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This is my modification of weapons.dat, based on realistic physics and ballistic in the sense of making gunplay a more exciting experience but keeping extreme realism.
-No more tracer bullets (thats really annoys me in vanilla,it is so unrealistic...)
-Realistic muzzle smoke
-Realistic recoil
-Realistic damage(in my opinion,based on calibers)
-Realistic shot force on peds(bullets dont push you,they PENETRATE you)
-Penetration caliber/Dependent for bulletproof vests
-Every weapon has different damage that depends on its caliber
I will update this soon,(only vanilla guns for the moment)
Optional materials.dat for penetration included.

-Added realistic reload time(more slower like in real life=more hardcore gunplay)

-some adjustments
-Added compatibilty with MG gore from my other mod: https://gta5-mods.com/misc/ultimate-gore-caliber-only-one-file

-With OpenIV, overwrite weapons.meta in \Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai. Easy and simple, Hope you enjoy¡
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