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Buy more weapons Though some aren't weapons so like store more weapons or stuff.

Okay so i realized that there is a fire extinguisher that is unobtainable unless you use mods now with this mod you can either buy the fire extinguisher from ammunation or get it from killing a fireman.
There was also a digiscanner and bz gas that were only made for a mission now with this mod you can buy it from ammunation and store it in your weapon wheel.
Also there is a molotov,bat,golf club,crowbar weren't in ammunation but were available in the game this mod makes you able to buy them.
I saw briefcases so I added them.
And a remote sniper which is mission exclusive now available at ammunation.


Go to GTA 5 location and replace the update folder with my mod.

Then go To Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai replace weapons.meta and weaponanimations.meta with the ones included in the mod.

Then go To Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\ now drag dlclist.xml To Your Desktop From Here Add This Line Below The Latest Dlc You Have:


And that's it I hope you enjoy my mod.

@Claude_III For this mod (That's Me)
@GeorgeZhang I saw his Buy Molotovs and that gave me the idea of this mod.
Link for his mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/buy-molotov#description_tab

Right now I am working on:
Adding more weapons which are available in the game but not available at ammunation like online dlc weapons.

Features of the mod:
Adds the Fire Extinguisher,Molotov,BZ Gas,Digiscanner,Bat,Golf Club,Crowbar,Briefcases and Remote Sniper to ammunation.
Digiscanner and the Briefcases can now be used as melee.
Amount of people you killed with BZ Gas,Digiscanner,Briefcases and Remote Sniper is shown in the stats along with other weapons.
Remote Sniper is now usable but not remotely controlled it's like heavy sniper but a much more powerful version it has the same icon of heavy sniper on the weapon wheel.

To spawn weapons using trainer:
Briefcase 1 - weapon_briefcase
Briefcase 2 - weapon_briefcase_02
Digiscanner - weapon_digiscanner
Remote Sniper - weapon_remotesniper
The rest are available at the trainer


Added Fire Extinguisher and Molotov to ammunation.

Added BZ Gas to ammunation.

Added Digiscanner to ammunation.

Added Bat,Golf club and Crowbar to ammunation.

Added Metal Briefcase and Leather Briefcase and made Digiscanner usable as a melee.

Added Remote Sniper though it's not remotely controlled BUT it has a icon on weapon wheel and has the same power of the remote sniper that you use on the mission caida libre it can destroy a car with 2 or 3 hits.
Added a compatible version of my improved gameplay 1.2 mod.
Added a custom version of this mod I use.

Added Flare,Ball,Metal and Leather Briefcases to ammunation and made metal and leather briefcases usable as melee.
Fixed the bug that caused the mod to crash.

Add all dlc weapons.

Leave a like and rate 5 stars for my work if you enjoyed the mod.
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