[BF4] Rorsch Mk-1 Railgun [Replace | Animated] 1.1

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The Rorsch Mk-1 is an experimental man-portable railgun featured in Battlefield 4 : Final Stand. It fires a two-stage sabot round with an open-bolt operation. The projectile is fired into the Rorsch's electro-magnetic rails from a small cartridge, where is then accelerated and fired at a speed of 3600 meters a second.

Optimized textures for smooth gameplay (ytd not exceeding 10MB, won't be causing texture loss)
Fully animated
Working sniper scope

Replaces the railgun


Drag and drop the ydrs and ytds to

Drag and drop the meta to
(Quick install)

For manual install of the meta, read the txt

I highly recommend using a "mods" folder to have a backup of original game files
(more info here: https://openiv.org/how-to-use-openiv/)

Model from Battlefield 4 by DICE


-Fixed rails animation clipping
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