AK-12 [Call of Duty Ghosts]

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By TheNathanNS

1.) Description

This mod replaces the Assault Rifle with the AK-12 from Call of Duty Ghosts.

Mod features:

* Perfectly held
* 2048x2048 resolution texture
* Perfect first person view camera.
* Low PC friendly!

2.) Installation

Using OpenIV, replace w_ar_assaultrifle_hi.ydr and w_ar_assaultrifle.ytd which is located in:


Then rebuild.

I have provided the original files, incase you wish to uninstall this mod. I didn't erase the original textures so the original pistol can be reused with the "modded" YTD.

3.) Bug

The original Rifle's clip is still visible. As of yet, it is unknown how to remove them. Well, I don't know anyway. :|

4.) Credits

Rigged for GTA 5 by TheNathanNS

If you want to use this mod in any mod packs, all I ask for is credit.
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