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In a time when American motoring was all about gas-guzzling, twenty-feet-long chrome-adorned landyachts, some British lad in a shed had a vision: one that would change the automotive market forever. Forget velour carpeting, pushrod V8s and exquisite coachbuilder-designed body lines - who needs that in 1960s Europe, where your average parking spot is the size of a shoebox and gas prices can be described with the textbook definition for "insanity". Fast forward 50 years and experience the thrill of getting crushed by some overweight overcompensator in his oh-so-manly lifted Sandking XL - get a Peanut today!

Feel free to use these cars on your FiveM servers if you can make them work on there yourself. I will not make a FiveM addon. And do under no circumstances sell this mod.
If you wish to modify this mod, please ask beforehand

Based on the Peel P50

Racing Nets with removed windows can still have glass shatter appear due to GTA limitations of what can be removed with modparts
The player's feet will stick a little out the front due to GTA animations not being small enough. A custom animation

unpack the .zip file and drag the peanut folder into your mods folder
add the line:
to dlclist.xml in update.rpf in the mods folder

Rockstar Games: Original engine model
Smukkeunger aka me: Modelling of the model, LODs and porting
Torqyboi: Modelling of interior and pictures
Eddlm: Handling
Skysder: Carvariations.meta
13Stewartc: video with how to make breakable windows
burner94: description
ItsJustCurtis: Picture
Aziial: Pictures
SilentSoul21: Original Sketch
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