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The Acclamator-class assault transport was 752 meters long, 460 meters in width, and 200 meters in height. Its mission profile required it to both carry troops and engage enemy starships: the Acclamator was designed to assault contested systems, break hostile orbital blockades, and land troops directly on the battlefield.

Consequently, the Acclamator favored a wedge or dagger shaped design due to its effectiveness Acclamator-class ships had berths for sixteen thousand clone troopers, the equivalent of an entire legion or brigade and its support personnel.

They also carried eighty aircraft and eighty-four armored vehicles, such as the AT-TE and SPHA walkers, used to provide clone troopers with heavy battlefield support.[4] In addition to ground landings, Acclamator-class ships were capable of water landings, as displayed at the Battle of Mon Calamari
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