Los Santos County Sheriff Pack [Add-On / EUP / MLO] SinglePlayer v1.1

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Los Santos County Sheriff Pack by Jhonny.

This package seeks to offer you a new experience for the LSSD. I am far from being a professional, this is only my second mod. Some models will surely not suit everyone, but it respects the line I set myself: to get as close as possible to reality while remaining close to the lore. I hope you'll like the pack!

In case of questions, feedback or to share your content. Don't hesitate to join my discord server.


Installation guide in a readme file in the archive. You can also customize the mapping textures, the ytd files are not locked.

Single Player pack includes:
13 Vehicles (with reflective liveries).
Davis custom mapping (ytd's can be edited).
List of vehicle spawn names.

Fivem pack includes:
13 Vehicles (with reflective liveries).
Davis custom mapping (ytd's can be edited).
Davis mapping compatible with Matus Davis MappingV1
"Drag and drop" ressource.

Optional pack includes:
Custom EUP.
Template for creating your own livery.
Custom contract liveries (Chumash, Sandy Shore, Davis...).

Vehicles list:
- Scout 2013 Arjent.
- Scout 2013 Legacy.
- Scout 2016 standard.
- Scout 2016 (ASAP).
- Scout 2016 (Event)
- Alamo 2018 (Old gen).
- Alamo 2020 New gen (with small TA).
- Standard Stanier (with ASAP old/new as an extra).
- Slicktop Stanier.
- Unmarked Buffalo STX.
- Unmarked Stanier.
- Unmarked Buffalo 2.
- Mule Maibatsu 4x4 (civilian/utility)
- Security Buffalo 2.


1.0: Initial release
1.1: Fivem release.
- Mapping fixed.
- You can now customize the mapping.
- Fivem released.
- Contract liveries.
- Alamonew2 trunk texture is fixed.

Known issues
No lightbar collisions for the moment.


Notable contributors
Rockstar Games - Original vehicle.
Jacobmaate, Toxic and 11john11 - Most of the assets (lights, siren controllers, radio, partition, antennas, spotlights...).
Monkeypolice188 - Glass Shards.
Nacho - Model improvements, bug fixing, trunk organizer, police computer, liberty lightbar.
Victor Vega, Nee, Nacho and Dark - LSSD/Davis Decals.
Victor Vega - Liveries + contract liveries.
Nass and Jack Reagan - Feedback, support, 3D assets.
Eddlm - Handlings.
Joshua Tanner - 3D Wheel, model improvements, Buffalo2 edits.
ArtehFailz and Anako - Wheel models/edits.
TG_Stig and Dani02 - Mule Maibatsu 4x4.
ukeyS and Reyox - Screenshots (and feedback).
Sethy - 3D hat logo.
For the mapping :
King0FTheDead725 - Support, feedback, DLC configuration : without him the mapping would simply not work.
Dexyfex and the CodeWalker Team - Support and feedback.

If you notice an omission in this list, I invite you to let me know as soon as possible!

Terms of Use

- Please do not modify the vehicles without asking me first! (on discord.)
- You can use it for MP stuff (Fivem/Rage...). Just don't forget to credit me.
- Please do not re-upload this pack.
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