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M109 is an American self-propelled artillery, installation, class self-propelled howitzers.

1953-1960 created in the years to replace less successful M44, in parallel with 105-mm M108 SPG. Was in mass production in the United States, repeatedly upgrading, from 1962 to 2003, also produced under license in the 1990s, in South Korea. Quickly became the standard tank destroyer of US troops, displacing as older samples, and M108. The first M109 was used in combat in the Vietnam war and then was used in almost all military conflicts, in which participated the United States. In addition to the U.S., became the standard destroyers of NATO countries in significant amounts was also supplied to several other countries and is used in many regional conflicts.

-Pros and cons of the model I have written in the archive.Installation ibid

--==The main feature of the tank is a working machine gun.==-
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