Improved Vapid Stanier Police and Taxi Cruisers [Replace | Soundbank] 1.2

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"If you ever lived in San Andreas, chances are, you were conceived in one of these, sat in one of these or got shot in one of these at least once in your life. One of the few efforts of the drug war era the gov’t is still willing to pump money in, the Stanier is the red-and-blued death cage in the world of over-illuminated crumple-zone-mobiles. Blame the nostalgia"

Ah yes, another 2nd Gen Stanier mod, as if we don't have plenty of those... This mod will improve the base game Police, Sheriff, Unmarked, and Taxi 2nd Gen Vapid Stanier's with new details and enhancements. Aiming to be true to Lore Friendly and fit within Rockstar's original designs,
whilst also having some minor inspirations from its real life counterpart, in this case, the iconic Crown Victoria P71

As of V 1.2 this mod includes the following models:

- Vapid Stanier Police Cruiser - LSPD Cruiser (police)
- Vapid Stanier Unmarked Cruiser - Police Undercover Unit (police4)
- Vapid Stanier Sheriff Cruiser - LSSD Cruiser (sheriff)
- Vapid Stanier Taxi Car - Downtown Cab.Co (Taxi)

- All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, proper LODs etc
- Overhauled 2nd Gen Stanier model, with bug fixes, texture improvements, interior enhancements/added details, trunk equipment, working fog lights, and much more!
- Various toggleable vehicle extras and extra groups for greater model variety, dual lighting set-ups, removeable wheel hubcaps, grille options, etc
- Fully colourable interior for both the Taxi and Unmarked models!
* Enhanced emergency lighting equipment, with a custom Carcols.meta for improved lighting that aims to stay true to the original vanilla sirens
- Lore Friendly CVPI style hub-caps and steelie wheels
- New audio soundbank that restores the classic GTA IV Police and Taxi engine sounds!
- Optional install that will revert all vehicle models/textures to a more vanilla look
- Option to remove all hubcaps from the Police and Unmarked models
- Option to revert audio back to the vanilla GTA V engine sounds!

Model uses the vanilla lighting, Non-ELS and it will stay that way! So please don't ask for an ELS conversion, I have no interest in working on any ELS models

Installation instructions and full changelog are located in the "Readme" file included


- AlexanderLB - Police Computer Screens, Vapid Stanier/Police Cruiser Badges, LSPD Bumper Sticker, LF Taxi Ads, Siren Control Panel Texture

- Vx5 Voltage - Various Textureworks and Enhancements, Colourable Pol/Taxi Interior Textures

- Rockstar Games - Original Car Model, Textures, & Various Vehicle Parts

- Vx5 Voltage, Fenton, Voit Turyv - Improved 2nd Gen Stanier Model & Part/Fixes

- Vx5 Voltage - Colourable Pol/Taxi Interior

- Vx5 Voltage - Enhanced Vanilla Style Lightbars and Lighting Equipment

- Vx5 Voltage, 11John11, Monkeypolice188 - Lore Friendly CVPI Style Steelies

- Vx5 Voltage, 11John11 - Lore Friendly Police Trunk Equipment

- 11John11 - Enhanced Vanilla Pushbar

- 11John11 - Lore Friendly Setina Style Pushbar

- 11John11 - CVPI Style Hub-caps

- IlayArye - 3D Prisoner Cage Mesh

- Vx5 Voltage, Skitty, Voit Turyv - Interior Police Console and Police Computer

- OfficerFive0 - Dev Campaign Hat

- Monkypolice188, Voit Turyv - GTA IV Engine Audio Entries

- Vx5 Voltage - Custom Soundbank

- Vx5 Voltage - Meta File Edits

- MyCrystals! - Blurb Description

- VanillaWorks/Lorify Discord - Testing and Feedback

- 11John11, Sealyx, Vx5 Voltage - Screenshots

If I have missed anyone in the credits, please let me know (with examples)
and I will add them in ASAP

As of V 1.2 I have now locked all model files within this mod, that means you will no longer be able to open any of these files within programs like Zmodeler to use for your own projects etc. From now on, anyone who wishes to use this model or parts from it will need to contact me to seek permission.
Be aware, I will only be providing the mod unlocked to those who I consider as trustworthy!

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