Handling for Mistsubishi F-2A Viper Zero v0.1.0.0


About the mod

This modification is very simple, it brings a new handling to the plane Mitsubishi F-2A Viper Zero of SkylineGTRFreak thus making the gameplay more enjoyable and a little closer to the real thing.

For better takeoff and landing, the target speed for takeoff is around 260 to 275km/h or 161 to 170mph, and for landing it is between 250 to 265km/h or 155 to 164mph. Remembering that for landing I recommend gradually reducing speed to the arrival of the runway (The aircraft does not reduce speed by itself).

Warnings: be careful when taking off, wait to reach the recommended speed. And don't force the jet too much, otherwise it will start to behave unrealisticall, I can't work miracles. And don't even try to put this jet in the hands of a npc, because he will probably kill himself.


    - Very stable
    - Smoother takeoff and landing
    - Slower Pitch / Yaw / Roll entries. Yaw mostly.
    - Loose pitch and roll inputs.
    - Extremely sensitive and fragile aircraft, drive with care.

Put "handling" in the path "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\f2a\dlc.rpf\common\data"

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