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Based on the Bell 206B Jetranger / 204L Longranger, the Maverick is a 2-bladed, economical helicopter designed for short-midrange flights.

While it's lower-cost nature, does allow for more access, it's lack of supplemental helicopter blades, it's dual-blade configuration makes it a challenge to handle due to it's lack of control. (Experienced helicopter pilots ONLY! Fly at your own Risk). This also means that aspiring entrepreneurs can expand their fleet rather quickly but at the cost of more experienced pilots!!

Designed to be economical (due to materials / lack of heli blades, etc), it tends to be a gas guzzler under load, but can get you there each and every time! With room for up to 4 players, plus cargo, flying to a hideout / taking a weekend trip has never been so easy! :)

It's optimized engine configuration will help you get from point A to point B at just over 120 MPH, but not for long! Lastly, side rappel bars makes the vehicle viable for operations such as hot extracts, or a simple utility for putting people where they need to go, when they need to do it!

Stop reading this, and go for a fly! That is, if you're up to it - good luck!
Introducing, the Maverick
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