BCSO Lenco Bearcat [ELS] 2.0.0

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So... This took me a few hours but there wasn’t a single bug throughout testing which I found very hard to believe, not sure though I may have missed
something very simple. Anyways yea I noticed there wasnt an ELS bearcat out yet so I decided to do this please leave your feedback.

Lenco Variation is my Cosmo Rockstar - Riot van interior and textures EA - Swat Van exterior Cosmo - Conversion, extensive modification,
uv mapping, etc Yard1 - Vehiclelayouts.meta Sgt. Kanyo - Handling line from GTA IV Bearcat
Window Guard is from the Cargo Partition Pack by Vertex3D and converted to GTA V and edited a lot by t0y so it isnt a partition anymore :)
Antenna Whip by Gump
Antenna Fig Pack by Vertex3D converted to GTA V by t0y
Whelen Justice Modeled and Coverted to GTA V by GTAxB0SS Textures by GTAxB0SS
ALPRs are by MrPotato textures by BxBugs123
All put together by t0y
Livery by t0y
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