Chevrolet Camaro 350 Addon Sound 3.0

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Originally this wasn't meant to be a specific v8. Just sounded good to me, wanted to share :)

Now with the new update I have made it a quasi-Camaro 350 sound rather than a very off mark Ford Coyote engine.
I don't have the new tool so it wont be precise but at least I had fun :D

Version 2.0 provides revised startup and shutdown sounds as per request.

Version 2.5 provides a fix for that npc problem

//////Version 3.0 changes the sound name and some minor audio tweaks/////

How to install:
To your dlcpacks folder in you mods directory, add fordcoyote to it. Then add "fordcoyote" to your dlclist.xml. In order to use the sound ingame you need to change the audioNameHash line in your vehicles.meta of the chosen car to fordcoyote.

Codewalker by dexyfex
Author/Editor - FinnedOcean9389
Guide for Creating Addon Car Audio - LamboFreak
Addon by FinnedOcean9389
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