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The Kaiju of cars", the Elegy RH-5 was one of the most brutally fast machines of its time. Launching in 1989 this beast saw action everywhere. In the Japanese mountains its advanced AWD system made mockery of all the FR sports cars drifting around and on the highways its powerful i6 engine left everything else in the dust. In motorsport it competed in too many forms to count, mainly because it kept getting banned from competition for being too fast. Despite only ever being sold in its home country it became famous across the globe, destroying everything in its path much like the beasts its nickname comes from. Nowadays, even despite later models refining the formula, the RH-5 remains an icon of motoring, so much so that Americans are willing to risk jail time just to have the experience of owning one for a few months before the FIB shows up to crush it.

Spawn Names:

Features more than 50 original exclusive liveries, plus a handful of new parts and some rims (they are in "Sports" category) so i have included few Menyoo presets not to lose any detaail of the car.

Boywond: Liveries, textures, pics
Artistraaw: Liveries
FilipJDM: modelling extra tunning parts, few misc parts
Carrythxd: Add-on and data
Johnny362000: Description
Manhunt_BTMC: "Limitless Street Drag", "Limitless JTCC", and "Bay Shore Speciall" liveries, pics
Xepy: Elegy Wasabi livery
KermanRB12: Car edits, rims, tunning parts, original idea
Voit Turyv and 11John11: Sirensetups for TMPD Elegy and Elegy Pacecar

Installation is included in the download.
IMPORTANT : a custom gameconfig is required in order the game not to crash in the loading screen

Recomended mods:
Vstancer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/vstancer
Lore Friendly Wheels: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lore-friendly-wheels-wheel-pack-over-150-wheels-add-on

Final note: This mod was started back in may and it was meant to be a simple Elegy Retro edit and was not intended to be released.
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