2006 Gemballa Mirage GT 0.7b

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2006 Gemballa Mirage GT

• Introduction
Here it is, the 2006 Gemballa Mirage GT for GTAV.
this model was in my files since the days of GTA:SA (2007-ish)
modding, features a collection of parts from different
sources and modellers whom i cant remember exactly who
right now, but credits to them for helping me then. this
car was never released for San Andreas and i thaught
why not try modding GTAV with this one, so here it is.
hopefully ill update it soon as i can. please if you
find bugs dont hesitate to write in the comments section
of where you downloaded this file from, it will help greatly
to make this a better mod and help me release better mods
in the future.

Model: a collection from many different games and sources as
well as multiple modellers and ofcourse alot of scratchwork
by yours truly :)

• Version Features
SA plates
Full lights and indicators
Semi 3d engine
HQ interior
Dash gauges semi ready (still WIP)

>known bugs/upcomming fixes:
no LOD
no Door/Window COL
missing badges
small fixes here and there
hand positioning is wrong

• Other Information

Color 1: Body
Color 2: Engine & Badges
Replaces: TurismoR
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