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  • Ccd3cf shamim4s

    can you check your

    your error is show error on read this file. if its not readable you can copy that files from here

    2022. november 10.
  • Ccd3cf shamim4s

    @louane @nj5050
    Seriusly NJ ? LOL
    Did you understand whats louane's issue?
    Did you checked louane's screenshot? if didn't please check this first.

    check properly her map is looking good as mine, not like your map.
    but her stunt blip(bike icon) is not showing which is not updated on that scripts for color blip.
    Here are two screenshots what need to fix and what is showing after fix

    Please check carefully both of those screenshots and Understand properly.
    Now come to your point.

    Do you really know what is inside the minimap.rpf file? check the original file if you have on your GTA5\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\minimap.rpf . its diving view which is not cause of your damage map view. i made it empty because game will show satelite map on driving view. check my screenshots mine also empty. but Map working.

    Secondly you said that installation path incorrect. GTA5\update\update.rpf\x64\data\cdimages\scaleform_generic.rpf
    i have download fresh copy off GTA 5 and take path location screenshots for scaleform_generic.rpf check this

    So your presuming path is not correct.. if your one is correct then why you cant make your map fixed?? let me explain why you can't.

    i told in the description that this mod is woring on latest version of GTA 5 which is 1.0.2699.0. See the screenshot of mine version.

    check your GTA version. your on is backdated and this mod is not for backdated version.

    Finally i have created a solution for you. check the Description or readme file on V2.0

    Note: Its already downloaded 3000+ and got 46 likes with 8 Votes.
    Even those video on my mods gallery was created by users/youtubers. i dont even know them.i told you that.
    Please don't jump other users comments if you really dont understand the issue. Also don't spread wrong information. fix this or update your GTA version then use my mod.

    Happy gaming and Chill Bro.. :)

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    2022. október 23.
  • Ccd3cf shamim4s

    i have installed your mod. its Great, But Blips name are not showing .
    here is the screenshot

    im using "66HU-N RSA CAYO"

    2022. október 21.
  • Ccd3cf shamim4s

    If you still think its complecated, Just download this "StuntJumps.lua" file and replace your old scripts file on
    "GTA 5 \ scripts \addins "


    2022. október 21.
  • Ccd3cf shamim4s

    i have seen your screenshot and findout solution. Because your Mod scripts was created two years ago, some script are not updated for color blips and its not possible to test all mods created by others developer which is related with Maps
    anyway here is the very easy solutions for you.

    1. Go to your " GTA V \ scripts \ addins \ " folder
    ( there will be your "Collectibles on Map - Stunt Jumps" script file )

    3. right click on "StuntJumps.lua" file and open with Notepad.
    4. there you can see this line at bottom.
    UI.SET_BLIP_SPRITE(blip[i], 512)

    5. change "512" to "226"
    UI.SET_BLIP_SPRITE(blip[i], 226)

    6. save and open your game.

    Here is the screenshot where you need to edit.

    and also i have tested on my game, here is my game screenshots .

    Even i have changed color also.. if you like to show same as my color. change "4" to "43" on the next line

    UI.SET_BLIP_COLOUR(blip[i], 4)
    UI.SET_BLIP_COLOUR(blip[i], 43)

    ( you can use any number of "0 to 84" for change blip color )

    Happy Gaming

    2022. október 20.
  • Ccd3cf shamim4s

    @Missilejet ok
    please email me. Even it will be early morning.. anyway i will try to be here.

    2022. október 20.
  • Ccd3cf shamim4s

    @Missilejet yes i got your email.. i also replied. did you get that?

    2022. október 19.
  • Ccd3cf shamim4s

    IP [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] was blocked, reason: Offset and length were out of bounds for the array or count is greater than the number of elements from index to the end of the source collection.

    cant connect to the server. it was working few hours ago. right now when i try to connect my server. its just showing
    Sending public key to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:50393, length:272

    how to remove blocked IP from my server ?

    or how to fix this?

    2022. október 19.
  • Ccd3cf shamim4s

    How to stop Race?
    is there any way to start race when players want? as like community race shows races point on maps. if player gose that point race will start by press "E"
    possibe to do this way?

    2022. október 18.
  • Ccd3cf shamim4s