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  • B035b3 buffalo1

    @medushius Push the button to display your carry info then Ring zee and in the menu that opens select options and then move the Xpos to the left until you can see it. This value will be saved and used in future.

    2023. május 12.
  • B035b3 buffalo1


    2023. április 24.
  • B035b3 buffalo1

    @alpha_dawggo 2 mins = 1 hour in game. So you want one customer every 5 hours? There is no way of customising this. Try selling one type of drug and in area that doesn't really want the drug if you want less customers..
    More types of drugs means more customers. Limit what you are selling and where you are selling it, if you want less traffic.

    2022. június 28.
  • B035b3 buffalo1

    @DJYOUNG0103 Yes LsLife can in theory work with any modded map. There is an xml file called LsLife_LCRW.xml in the zoneData folder. This file contains all the new areas and any information that needs to be defined for these areas.
    Replacing all the data in this file with data for your modded map and then enabling the LSRW option in the ini will let the map work.

    <!-- This file contains all the areas within the Liberty City rewind map,
    and controls each areas assigned Wealth and police units dispatched as a result of high Heat -->
    <!-- Valid weath = Normal, Poor, Rich -->
    <!-- Valid police = LSPD, LSSD, BCSO, SAPR -->

    <area id="FRANI"> # the areas tag (usually abbreviation of the areas name)

    All areas must follow this same format.

    2022. június 14.
  • B035b3 buffalo1

    @HypRGoCrazzz you need more rep 😂

    2022. június 10.
  • B035b3 buffalo1

    Number 1 reason for gang attacks is aiming a gun in their territory and scaring customers away. They really do not like this.

    2022. június 10.
  • B035b3 buffalo1

    @PhilBess gangs don't just attack rival dealers.. gangs attack anyone that threatens their business. They do not attack for no reason.

    2022. június 10.
  • B035b3 buffalo1

    @Trdonja I assure you if you take the dealer to a new neighborhood the work option will be available. David's, strawberry, chamberlain are all neighbourhoods. There are 99 total on a base map. Each neighborhood can only support one dealing worker.

    2022. június 7.
  • B035b3 buffalo1

    @Trdonja the work option is only available if the worker is to be the only dealer in the area. Limitations of the systems I'm using. I have plans to expand this. Dealer locations are displayed for dealers that are not spawned. As only the closest need to be active. Dealers that are spawned and working will show as purple and following as dark blue. I have plans the fix the micro management needed when the player has alot of workers by letting the player assign a number of workers to a lieutenant, who will handle distribution/collection given the right equipment etc.. Also have a system being worked on that can generate names for workers/customers/contacts this should help identify them.

    2022. június 6.
  • B035b3 buffalo1

    @dnolen4 @dnolen4 at a guess update scripthookv and scripthookvdotnet. Can't say I've seen that error before and it looks like none of your scripts are loading..

    2022. május 31.